Due to a glitch in the virtual meeting process, the Falmouth Planning Board is re-holding its June 9 virtual meeting on Tuesday.

A technical problem with Zoom, the virtual meeting platform, kept potential participants from viewing the first 15 minutes of the meeting, Town Planner Thomas Bott said. After conferring with town counsel, Mr. Bott decided to redo the meeting. Four public hearings will need to heard again.

Mr. Bott explained a password is needed for board members to log into Zoom. When the meeting begins at its designated time, the password requirement is supposed to be lifted to allow other participants in. However, the password barrier remained until later in the meeting, when IT staff removed it.

The first 15 minutes the public missed was the board discussing the agenda, approving minutes, and discussing moving the board reorganization from the top to the end of the meeting.

“It was not a public discussion, but even so, someone may have given up and stopped listening. So we decided it would be best to avoid any complaints of an open meeting violation and just conduct a do-over,” Mr. Bott said.

The planning office contacted the abutters again for the four projects that will be heard and re-advertised the hearings in the newspaper, per state law.

“The good news is the board did not make a decision on any of the projects, which makes this easier to redo,” Mr. Bott said.

The four projects are Borrego Solar Systems; Dik Betzig (350 Old Meeting House Road); Woods Hole Partners, LLC (533 Woods Hole road); and Timothy Leedham, owner of Bosun’s Marine in East Falmouth.

The board did vote for its officials, but that will need to be done again.

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