The Select Board voted to extend the lease for Tony Andrews Farm for another 15 years during its meeting on Monday, June 13.

Goeffrey P. Andrews leases the farm from the town. He was four years into a five year lease when he asked the board to extend his lease ahead of the end date, which is November 23, 2023. He made this request so that he can apply for agriculture grants to help ensure sustainability for the farm.

“Every farm in our county depends on these grants,” Mr. Andrews said in his letter to the board. “Without them, they wouldn’t survive.”

The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources requires grant applications a year in advance, Mr. Andrews’ letter read. He added that the lease is sufficient to prove that the farm will be around to receive the funds.

Acting Town Manager Peter Johnson-Staub said that Town Meeting voted to lease the farm to Mr. Andrews to ensure that the land remains a farm. He said that time and resources were dedicated to make sure that any farm on the land would be sustainable and that Mr. Andrews has made sure that it is.

“Mr. Andrews has been meticulous about maintaining his farm,” Mr. Johnson-Staub said. “I feel the acquisition of the farm is really working out.”

The board voted to approve the 15-year lease, beginning after November 23, 2023.

Agricultural commission chairwoman Karen Schwalbe praised Mr. Andrews after the vote.

“In the course of a year, I see hundreds of farms,” said Ms. Schwalbe, who is also the executive director of the Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership. “I want to reiterate what a gem you have in Geoffrey here. The farm is meticulous. That is really rare in a working farm.”

Ms. Schwalbe added that Mr. Andrews has included the community in his work on the farm. There is a community garden on the land as well. Board member Douglas C. Brown agreed that Mr. Andrews has made an effort to make sure Falmouth residents can be involved.

“You know, it’s his family’s farm,” Mr. Brown said. “But he’s really welcomed the community. It’s working out just as we’d hoped.”

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