Two East Falmouth men were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace after firing multiple guns in Hatchville Monday night.

Police responded to Shady Lane at 8:50 PM on January 6 after 23 callers reported gunshots in the area.

“I proceed to that area and heard what were clearly two different calibres of gun,” Falmouth Police Lieutenant Sean Doyle wrote in his report. “One of the guns, which sounded like an AR-15, had a high capacity magazine. I based that on the fact that there were sometimes 12 to 15 shots in rapid succession. The shots were coming from the area to the southwest of Hatchville Road.”

While searching the area, Sergeant James Cummings heard shots coming from the area of Falmouth Ready Mix on Thomas B. Landers Road.

“He then called out two vehicles that were on the back of the property,” Lt. Doyle wrote. “Sgt. Cummings announced his presence and the shots stopped.”

Lt. Doyle observed the vehicles, noticing empty shells around the cars. He located .357 rounds, .45 rounds and a shotgun round on the front seat and front floorboard of a gray Toyota Tundra.

Police continued to search the areas near the power lines off of Twin Oak Drives, first in their cruiser, then by foot.

“We eventually came upon a large number of shell casings on the ground in a small sand pit area,” Lt. Doyle wrote. “They appeared to be rifle shells and .45 caliber handgun shells. I also located a green and black flashlight in the immediate area of the casings.”

The sand pit is approximately 100 yards from where the cars were parked. Lt. Doyle’s report indicates that two men, Kogan J. Santiago, 30, Bragetti Lane, East Falmouth, and Forever S. Santiago, 25, of East Falmouth, returned to the parked cars.

Lt. Doyle interviewed Kogan Santiago at the scene.

“He acknowledged that Forever Santiago, who was already being detained in a cruiser, had two guns on his person and that they took off running when they heard the police,” Lt. Doyle wrote. “I asked Kogan, point blank, where the guns where.”

Lt. Doyle’s report states that Kogan did not provide police with this information. He was arrested for disturbing the peace, trespassing, trespassing with a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct and intimidation. Forever was also arrested for disturbing the peace, trespassing, improper storage of a firearm, trespassing with a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct and intimidation.

“As [Patrol Officer William] Kosky assisted him into the back of a cruiser, I was advised that Kogan now wanted to show us where the guns were,” Lt. Doyle wrote. “Kosky and [Patrol Officer Timothy] Brandt escorted him back into the woods, but no guns were located.”

However, Sgt. Cummings observed an unsecured shotgun in the Toyota Tundra. In addition to the shotgun, police seized a black powder rifle at the scene. Lieutenant Douglas M. DeCosta said police are looking for two other firearms that may have been in the suspects’ possession of at the time of the incident.

Lt. Doyle also reviewed the 23 calls reporting the gunshots.

“Some of the descriptive words used by the nearly two dozen callers were rapid fire, automatic, semi-automatic, bunch of bursts and large capacity,” Lt. Doyle wrote. “When dispatched advised some of the callers that it was raccoon and coyote hunting seasons, several of them adamantly replied that it was definitely not hunting.”

One of those callers came from off-duty Sergeant Ben Guthrie. Sgt. Guthrie is the head firearms instructor for the Falmouth Police Department.

“When I called him back, he said that when he heard the shots, he was initially concerned that the police were involved because one of the guns sounded like an AR-15,” Lt. Doyle wrote.

As Forever Santiago has a license to carry that was issued in Mashpee, Lt. Doyle contacted the Mashpee Police Department to advise them of this incident.

Both Forever S. Santiago and Kogan J. Santiago were arraigned in Falmouth District Court on Tuesday, January 7. Both will return for a pretrial hearing on February 6. Forever’s bail was set at $200, while Kogan’s bail was set at $500.

“The investigation is still open and more individuals may be charged with firearms violations and/or other offenses,” Lt. DeCosta said on Wednesday.

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