Since the Falmouth Police Department posted on social media this past weekend word of a string of recent car break-ins, two people have been arrested.

The police posted an advisory about recent car break-ins in the Maravista and Falmouth Heights areas, encouraging residents to be cautious and lock their cars.

According to police, someone had broken into a dozen cars, stealing a laptop, backpack, watches, tools, coins, medications, credit cards and other items.

Then, about 1:30 AM Sunday, an officer saw a man and a woman wearing black clothing attempt to hide behind a bush on Worcester Court, according to a press release. The officer stopped them and noticed that the man was wearing a backpack she believed had been stolen over the weekend.

According to police, when the backpack was searched, it contained other stolen items, like prescription medication. The items in the backpack had a value of more than $2,400.

The police proceeded to arrest Joshua Lauzon and Ashley Jordan, both of Falmouth.

Mr. Lauzon, 25, was charged with four counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property greater than $1200, and possession of a Class E drug. His pretrial hearing is scheduled for December 13, and his bail is set at $2,000.

Ms. Jordan, 26, was charged with possession of burglary instruments. Officers found her with two flashlights, one of which had a glass breaker. Her pretrial hearing is scheduled for December 13. She was released on personal recognizance, although she must check in with probation once a week.

Mr. Lauzon and Ms. Jordan are well known to the Falmouth Police Department for their extensive criminal history, according to a police report. Ms. Lauzon has an extensive breaking and entering history, and Ms. Jordan has an extensive drug history, shoplifting history and is well known for letting people with criminal records to stay at her house.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Mr. Lauzon’s Milton Street residence and located several other stolen items, including a television, prescription medication, a gaming system, jewelry, a camera, credit cards and more, according to a statement. The items are believed to be taken from other car break-ins as well as house break-ins.

Investigators believe that Mr. Lauzon and Ms. Jordan will be charged with additional offenses.

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