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Two East Falmouth teens are facing 11 charges of breaking and entering for a felony and 19 counts of vandalism for their involvement in a June spree where cars, homes and boats in the Great Harbors neighborhood were damaged.

The two males, ages 15 and 16, will be arraigned next month, Falmouth Police Lieutenant Douglas DeCosta said. The vandalism and break-ins occurred over two evenings and had been under investigation by police.

In the overnight hours of June 10, Falmouth police responded to 18 calls from homeowners in the East Falmouth neighborhood reporting broken house windows, broken car windows and dents, and scratches in hoods, fenders and doors. Some mailboxes had been removed from the ground, as well. The majority of the damage was caused by a rock, brick, or landscape stone that the suspects found near the homes and cars, according to police.

On June 14 the suspects broke into 11 boats on Shorewood Drive and stole beer, liquor and a fire extinguisher, police said. One boat had the plumbing damaged when an unknown liquid was poured into the system. The teens were charged with 11 counts of breaking and entering for a nighttime felony and one count of vandalism for the boat break-ins.

A homeowner on Shoreview Avenue reported that high school-age youths had pulled his mailbox and post from the ground and were running up the road with it just before 5 AM. A homeowner on Cove Street reported to police that a brick had been thrown through a window in his home and broke objects inside. At another home on the same street officers found a damaged pickup truck parked in a driveway. A small landscaping stone was on the hood of the truck and had been used to break the windshield, according to police records.

Police estimate the damage at $30,000.

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My thoughts exactly. Wonder who'll pay the $30,000?


Good work catching them!

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