Trump Trailer

The New England For Trump merchandise trailer is now open in North Falmouth.

When traveling along the North Falmouth Highway, drivers will likely notice an inflatable President Donald J. Trump swaying in the breeze near the North Falmouth Post Office.

“He is very popular,” said Duane, a New England for Trump employee from Mashpee who declined to give his last name. “People like to come on by and take photos of him or with him.”

The presidential inflatable with the coiffed hair, wearing a blue suit and red tie, is giving passersby two thumbs up. The inflatable is just one of many pieces of Trump merchandise available for purchase at the New England for Trump pop-up trailer, located at the plaza at 634 North Falmouth Highway. The organization, which is not affiliated with, authorized by, or sponsored by Donald J. Trump for President, opened its Falmouth location, its seventh overall, last week.

“The hats are really our big seller, as are the T-shirts, flags and bumper stickers,” Duane said. “We sell a little bit of everything here.”

The graphic T-shirts have messages like “Trump 2020 Make Liberals Cry Again,” “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co. Build The Wall Deport Them All,” “Deplorable Lives Matter” and the LGBT-themed “Liberty, Guns, Beer, Trump” shirt.

“We’re doing great, seeing a lot of support and very happy to be here,” Duane said. “We’ve had a lot of good responses. Everyone is thanking me for being here and being bold enough to stay in the stand.”

He said he intends to remain open as long as the community continues to support the New England for Trump stand. The trailer is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Decorated with signs like “All Aboard The Trump Train 2020,” “Women For Trump,” and “Deplorables For Trump,” the trailer proudly pledges its allegiance to the president. A large “Trump Keep America Great” sign sits atop the stand.

Though President Trump is a major focus, a man at the stand who declined to give his name said New England For Trump is about more than just the president.

“We are not just supporting Trump,” he said. “We also support the police, fire department and veterans. We have plenty of other items besides Trump merchandise.”

That is reflected in the yard signage near the trailer, which also includes “Support Our Police” and “Back The Blue” signs.

Saying New England For Trump is here to support local businesses, the man said many of its customers are small business owners who have benefited from President Trump’s policies.

“They support Trump because he has actually done what he said he was going to do, compared to the last four presidents before him,” he said.

Noting there is a lot of support for President Trump in Massachusetts, Duane said things have gone well at the stand for the majority of the time. However, some residents are not happy with their presence. He reported a man attempted to run down customers at the trailer and exposed himself to them. (See related story on Page 7.)

He also said the trailer has been egged and tagged with graffiti reading “Trump Sux.” The graffiti has since been removed. He reported another man swore at them and “told us to go back to Germany.”

“People scream, but it’s not bothering us,” Duane said. “Most people who are standing here get a good laugh out of it.”

The inflatable president, however, might not be safe.

“I have noticed people posting on Facebook that one lady said she would like to come and pop him, but she doesn’t want to get in trouble,” Duane said. “She’d probably be as disappointed as the kid who came and graffitied the trailer when, an hour later, she drives by and sees another one standing there.”

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I would like to know if what he is doing meets the town codes. His signs are much bigger than what will be allowed for a normal business. How did he get a permit to operate this business in the median between the parking lot and the street.


Hi Falmouth Enterprise team. I have to ask, why is this article worthy of being on the front page of the newspaper? Why have you given free advertising to this person? It's not newsworthy. Why don't you print an article of all the detrimental things he's been doing to the country instead of promoting him? I really have to wonder who approved this as news, front page news.


I suspect that President Trump is not the most popular personality in Falmouth, but it's to our credit that this vendor has not been vandalized or otherwise ostracized by disgruntled individuals or groups.

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