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Selectmen read proclamations honoring Eagle Scouts John W. Warner and James R. Lea on Monday.

The Falmouth selectmen on Monday, May 18, honored James R. Lea and John W. Warner, both of Boy Scout Troop 40, for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

Both Scouts completed an Eagle Scout project at the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve to qualify for the rank, the highest attainable in the Scouts BSA program.

James created a series of informational recordings on the trails there, which people can access via QR code.

“When you think of Eagle Scout projects, you think of a one-day thing where a bunch of people go out and get something done,” he said. “Mine was a little bit different than that, because we set up these QR codes at various points along Waquoit trails.”

Anyone who scans these QR codes with a smartphone will be redirected to a YouTube recording providing information about various things along the trail, including cranberry bogs and trout.

“It is this use of 21st century technology to help guide people along trails,” he said. “We set up a bunch of them, and it was a process of getting these scripts ready, doing research and doing recording.”

The selectmen praised James for his innovative project.

“That could be the new standard,” Douglas C. Brown said. “It is a great idea.”

Chairwoman Megan E. English Braga said the QR codes are a great way to engage with a younger generation using the trails.

For his project, John cleaned up and restored the rainwater garden at the reserve.

“I wanted to work with the children’s summer camp that’s there, and what I ended up designing was a rain-collection water barrel that catches the runoff rain off the roof and stores it in a water barrel,” Mr. Warner said.

The project affords the camp the ability to re-purpose rainwater for various purposes, such as cleaning a camper’s sandy feet after playing on the beach.

“It is a way to teach children about re-purposing water and recycling, and you can see it,” John said. “It’s a visual project.”

Ms. English Braga said this was a great addition to the camp.

“That is just really wonderful, particularly for that area, where children go to that camp to learn about nature and learn about sustainability, climate change and resource management,” she said. “What a great addition to the activities they engage in.”

She described both projects as “really lasting contributions to our community.”

Selectman Samuel H. Patterson read the proclamations honoring the scouts on Monday, May 18. Typically, an Eagle Scout proclamation declares a day in honor of the Scout, a date coinciding with the Scout’s Eagle Court of Honor ceremony. While a summer Eagle Court of Honor is expected for both Scouts, the date remains to be determined.

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Two young men accomplished one of the hardest achievements in the Scouting Program and that is to complete all of the merit badges and take on a project to show there leadership skills . I hope that they both receive there awards at an Eagle Court Of Honor which both young men worked very hard to arrive at this stage of there scouting journey. This journey should never be forgotten as it now places them in place where they will be marked young men with great promise for the future where ever they may choose to go.

It goes with out saying that there parents should also be congratulated for, supporting, neutering and standby what there sons accomplished. An Eagle Scout is a leader among men and should make there journey more rewarding as they go out into todays world . Peace and Prayers

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