The first phase of the Route 28 water main replacement project concludes Saturday, June 15.

The spring construction project took contractor C.C. Construction of South Dennis along Route 28, from Ox Bow Road to Sandwich Road. They connected the new 16-inch water main to the existing 8-inch water main at the Sandwich Road intersection.

“We’re pretty much where we wanted to be,” water department Superintendent Stephen D. Rafferty said.

In total, C.C. Construction will replace approximately 3.5 miles of the town’s 1898 water main located beneath Main Street and Teaticket Highway with 16-inch-diameter ductile iron pipes.

The water department sought permission from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to conduct some ancillary work during the summer, such as connecting the new water main to the side streets and installing fire hydrants in select areas along Teaticket Highway. Permission was not granted.

“We will be pressure-testing and flushing, but we won’t be doing any excavation,” Mr. Rafferty said. “Connecting side streets was deemed too much of an impact on traffic.”

He said it will take approximately one week to pressure-test and chlorinate the pipe line. This work will not impact traffic or water service in the area. Residents will notice a difference once this testing is complete.

“When we’re all done in a week or so, there will be better water flow in that area and better fire protection in that area,” Mr. Rafferty said.

The Route 28 water main replacement project is scheduled to take two years, with construction occurring during the spring and fall of 2019 and 2020. Work is scheduled to resume on September 4, the Wednesday after Labor Day.

“We haven’t finalized anything yet, but most likely, we will work on the section from Sandwich Road to where we have an existing pipe, by the Burger King and Admiralty Inn,” Mr. Rafferty said.

During the 2015 reconfiguration of the Jones Road intersection, the town installed approximately 1,400 linear feet of 16-inch water main to avoid excavating the road again so soon after that project.

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