The Falmouth water department has received water sampling results recently taken at each of the town’s five fire stations as well as a location at Fiddler’s Cove Marina in Wild Harbor.

Asbestos in all samples was below the maximum contaminant level of 7 million fibers per liter set by DEP and EPA regulations, according to a statement released by Town Manager Julian M. Suso. Samples from each of the town’s five fire stations were found to be "non-detect,” or below a detection limit of 170,000 fibers per liter. The sample from the Fiddler’s Cove Marina was found to have 190,000 fibers per liter, which is less than 3 percent of the maximum allowable amount of asbestos, which is 7 million fibers per liter.

The town will report the results to the DEP and will await further guidance relative to additional sampling, Mr. Suso stated.

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