The Falmouth Waterways Committee voted Wednesday, June 5, to have no parking on the south side of the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve parking lot at 131 Waquoit Highway from 11 PM to 4 AM each day, Michael Kinney, the committee’s vice chairman, said yesterday, Thursday, June 6.

“Since many of the people parking there are campers, we will ask Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, when they give camping permits, to ask people not to park there. There are other parking places available,” he said.

Also Wednesday, the committee reported that Simpsons Landing opened Tuesday, June 4. Repair work on the bulkhead at the head of Falmouth Harbor is now completed, Mr. Kinney said.

The West Falmouth Boat Ramp is still in the permitting stage.

“The state access board has given money for most of our boat ramps, but the West Falmouth ramp is a little different. The state board doesn’t like the way you pull right from the ramp area onto the road, so they will not fund it and it will need a Town Meeting appropriation,” Mr. Kinney said, adding that the committee is considering placing a floating dock alongside the ramp but will need Falmouth Conservation Commission approval to do so.

Dredging at Great Pond has been completed, but the Green Pond dredging will not be done this spring, Mr. Kinney said.

“We hope to do some dredging there with state money in September or October. The Green Pond channel is not bad. It is over five feet at low tide,” he said.

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