Mavise Crocker

Mavise Hayden Crocker, 97, of Falmouth died at home on July 6.

She was the wife of Paul E. Crocker, whom she had married in 1942.

Ms. Crocker was a retired educator who was born in Newtonville.

While living in Connecticut, where she and her husband raised their three daughters, Ms. Crocker founded a Teaching English as a Second Language program in the Greenwich Public Schools.

In 1976, they moved to Falmouth and into a house that Mr. Crocker, an architect, had designed for his parents.

She became a board member of the Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries and was an original member of Neighborhood Falmouth. She began as a volunteer and then became executive director of The Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands.

Over the years she had contributed letters to the editor that were printed in the Enterprise. She wrote thoughtfully on a range of topics such as tolerance, diversity and humanitarian issues; environmental concerns and conservation; democracy and regional and national politics; and English language usage among others.

When personal computers became commonplace in the home, Ms. Crocker learned how to use one, including for communication, although she continued to send handwritten letters. After enjoying a 2005 article in the Region section of the Enterprise highlighting the Mashpee server Cape.Com, she wrote a letter of delight explaining how helpful the company’s personnel had been in her journey learning about the technology. She told about speaking with an actual “live human being at the other end of the telephone line” and that “I got to know several of them by name—and I’m sure they must have inwardly groaned when they heard mine! But they knew I was a learner and their patience was unending.”

She also pursued an interest in genealogy, and loved competitions of Scrabble and croquet.

No services were announced.

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