It’s been quite a summer so far, with unprecedented crowds and throngs of visitors. Restaurants are breaking records for numbers served and the beaches are packed. And all those visitors aren’t just going to the beach and eating out. The Friends of the Library, for example, took in more than $70,000 over the Fourth of July weekend.

All this activity can also be a test of patience. Parking can be difficult to find and getting pretty much anywhere takes more time. The pressure on Goodwill Park passed the breaking point last weekend.

But all in all, it appears that most people are holding up well. We noted an admirable performance of a detail police officer at Old Silver Beach last weekend as he advised a carload of visitors of options, since they couldn’t even get into the waiting line at the popular North Falmouth beach. He directed them to Falmouth Heights, where there was still room. The chamber of commerce couldn’t have done a better job.

Any who are experiencing frustration should remind themselves that we are fortunate for this state of affairs. We would not be enduring lines and crowds were Falmouth not the destination that it is with all that the town has to offer.

The list is long. We might want wider, sandier beaches, but they are obviously good enough to satisfy a great many. We have a bike path that gives riders a broad look at Falmouth’s rural character. We have an active arts center. There is Highfield Hall and the Museums on the Green. We have a first-class library. There is high-quality baseball to watch when the Commodores are on their home field. There is the Falmouth Road Race.

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy Falmouth.

The season won’t last forever. Things will quiet down. And then we will have a little more time to reflect on what a beautiful place it is we live in.

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