Falmouth needs affordable housing. The town will decay from the inside out without it.

The Locustfield project is simply about being a contributing community “fit” in a Falmouth neighborhood—a significant issue requiring critical consideration (by the ZBA) on what makes good neighbors (according to our local bylaw).

In all the determinations made by the ZBA involving 40Bs (and I’ve determined some while on the board), good neighbor considerations are often compromised by the project’s economic viability issues. Recently, according to the developer’s attorney, this one is seemingly no different. Being “Good Neighbors” seem a lost precedent when the “flavor of the month” (that is, town’s wind turbines, addiction rehab services or 40Bs) gets town hall’s top billing.

If affordable housing is to “fit” in a community appropriately, perhaps fences, proper groundwater impact review and the public vested interests (looped water main issue) should be weighed before project “bean-counter” feasibility concerns.

Twenty-seven years ago, when I bought our home, certainly it was about the cost of fitting into the neighborhood But more important, it was about “fitting” with neighbors and a neighborhood already there first.

Mark J. Cool

Fire Tower Road


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Chapter 40B is really a joke when it comes to being "affordable" housing. How many would you need to build before the affordability requirements for Falmouth are met? Chapter 40B only benefits the developers, period.

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