A New Norm?

After reading the recent editorial on the analysis of litter in The Falmouth Enterprise, I conducted my own neighborhood nip study.

During [a walk along] a one-mile section of Meadowneck Road in Waquoit, 35 nip bottles (in addition to a pint and quart bottle of alcohol and five cans of beer) were found on the side of the road (in addition to eight pounds of other miscellaneous material). Smirnoff was by far the largest offender (16 bottles) with a variety of enticing flavors (Expresso 100, Rootbeer 100, Green Apple, Watermelon, Grape, Raspberry and #21). Dr McGillicuddy came in with 11 bottles (Butterscotch and Menthol Mint). Fireball Cinnamon whiskey (three bottles), Jose Cuervo Blue Agave (one), Absolut Citron (one) and Mandarin (one), Deep Eddy Lemon (one) and finally Wild Turkey American Honey (one).

I am appalled by not only the ready access and sale of these containers but of the mentality that anything can be thrown out of a car window and “disappear.” Why is it necessary to drink and drive, or do those who consume these tiny beverages think that they need a “pick-me-up” before/after work or an event or just for the fun of it? Is this the new socially acceptable “norm?” Put some teeth into those fines for littering and impose a 15-cent deposit on these miniatures and see how much cleaner the roads will be.

Linda Despres

Ostrom Road


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