Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe, when asked whether Joe Biden won the election, would not say one way or the other, but he did say that he thought there was voter fraud and that courts refused to hear suits filed by the Trump administration because they didn’t want to engage in politics.

That is an astounding statement coming from a district attorney, whose job it is to compile evidence in order to bring suspected lawbreakers to justice.

It’s astounding because there is absolutely no evidence that there was voter fraud in the November election. That there was no fraud is not an invention of the Democrats, nor are Democrats the only voice on the question. Republicans in Congress have strongly denied the assertion that there was voter fraud. Some 200 business and legal leaders signed a letter condemning attempts to undermine the election and stated that Biden won the election.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told the President himself that there was no voter fraud in his state. The results had been counted three times in a fair and open process. And Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, a Republican, denounced the President’s claims of election fraud.

The Trump campaign filed 63 lawsuits; 62 of them were either lost or were dismissed because there was no evidence of fraud. Judges didn’t refuse to hear the cases; they ruled that they had no merit.

So it is not only astounding that Mr. O’Keefe thinks there was voter fraud, it’s also very troubling.

An understanding of what evidence is should be fundamental to a district attorney. An understanding of the difference between a judge not hearing a case and dismissing it should also be fundamental. If Mr. O’Keefe doesn’t understand any of this, he is not fit for office.

Mr. O’Keefe might know full well that there was no voter fraud. His statement might have been political posturing. That might not be as bad as willful ignorance, but it still does not reflect well on a man who has sworn to uphold the law.

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And the hits just keep on coming! UNBELIEVABLE that this thought process continues especially from someone who should know better than most.

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