Once again the saying, ”Isn’t Falmouth nice,” is muted by a hateful, cowardly act of vandalism by ignorant fellow human beings.

White supremacy is a joke and linking it to anti-Semitism is even dumber. As I recall, there are only three races in the human species, white, black, and Asian. People from all three have made huge contributions to the well-being of us all. Likewise, people from all three have committed horrendous crimes against each other and to themselves. To single out one race as superior makes no historical sense. Also, religious superiority has no foundation in history.

I have Jewish friends who volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, who cover volunteer positions for their non-Jewish friends at the hospital at Christmas, and serve in many other charitable endeavors for all, not just those like themselves.

Currently a “GoFundMe” is underway for one of our town’s most respected women. She is Jewish. It appears that dozens of Falmouthites from all walks of life want to help her in a time of need. Doesn’t matter her faith or race. Right on! Nor did it matter to her helping others as director of our Service Center, regardless of their faith or race. Right on again! Local religious leaders denounced the incident at our Falmouth Jewish Congregation, and rightly so. But so do all Falmouth citizens is my guess, with the exception of the cowards who performed the act. So don’t laugh at racial or religious jokes. I have, and I regret it profoundly. I still have a few years left to right my wrongs. How about you? Love is and always will be the answer, not hate and division.

Ralph E. Herbst

Regis Road


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