The Falmouth Transportation Management Committee has jumped right in and gotten to work. So far the committee has focused on parking issues in the center of town, or perhaps the epicenter of town, since it has really only looked at parking from the post office to Shore Street and the lot in front of Town Hall.

Some ideas that have come up in its meeting have caused raised eyebrows. Angled parking on Main Street? Bring back parking meters? An underground garage behind Peg Noonan Park?

We’ll come to the defense of the committee. It is challenged with coming up with solutions to a seemingly intractable problem. It will have to be creative if it is to come up with solutions, and brainstorming is the start of the creative process. In this phase it’s important that everything, every idea, gets figuratively pinned to the wall. No idea is too small or too dumb. It’s at a later point that the committee will have to go back and clean up the clutter.

We hope that at some point the committee turns its attention from parking to traffic. Parking is important, but bringing more cars to the center of town will do nothing to improve traffic flow.

We’re getting way ahead of the committee here, but we wonder what could be done to ease the long lines and waits of traffic coming into town from the highway and what might be done to ease congestion on a rainy summer day. We didn’t have many this summer, but we will eventually have more.

In the meantime, we will watch with interest as the committee goes about its work. It has an important mission.

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