Your paper in a recent edition published a frightening article on knotweed, a relatively new insidious weed from Japan.

Known as the Godzilla weed in Japan, it apparently is equally difficult to eradicate as the original movie creature. It has become endemic in most parts of the USA and other than covering it with a tarp, digging up its tenacious roots, which grow to extreme depths and are known to have penetrated cement there appears to be no easy, inexpensive viable solution to its demise. Its heart shaped-leaf and small white flower and cane-like stalks are its distinctive visual identifiers. It has already forced some Japanese communities to relocate, as it has the ability to destroy trees if not removed from close proximity to a woody environment.

The Cape appears to be a willing host for this weed and if most residents were to carefully inspect their property, I have little doubt this “Pearl Harbor” visitor will be located.

I’ve seen no further follow up in your paper but I would be interested in the observations and eradication techniques that have been tried by our community.

Colin F. Mackenzie

Goodings Way


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