It was with great disgust and dismay that I read your editorial, “A Curious Incident,” published in the August 23 edition. The article is rife with innuendo and assumptions.

The men and women that comprise the members of the Mashpee Fire Department and Mashpee Permanent Firefighters Association Local 2519 are some of the most committed and dedicated professionals you will find anywhere. These hard workers come to work every day to protect all who live, work, and come to visit our beautiful town, never knowing if they may go home at the end of their shift or be injured while doing their job.

For your newspaper to question events without first educating themselves and investigating is really amateur reporting. We have a lot of talk about fake news these days and journalism (or so-called) needs to have the whole story before calling people’s actions into question.

The initial press release stated there were no life-threatening injuries as a result of the accident. There was zero information released to the press/public regarding the patient that was being transported because as any good reporter would know that would be a HIPPA privacy violation.

The Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services and Town of Mashpee Fire Rescue policies dictate when lights and sirens are to be used. The firefighters that day were adhering to the policy. The accident report provides no indication of any mistakes on their part.

Your inaccurate and disparaging comments about the members of Mashpee Fire and Rescue Department are foolhardy at best and downright out of line.

This is not the first letter that I have had to write to the Enterprise due to irresponsible journalism in my 25-plus years as union president. It has happened several times in the past with not just content but with timing of articles prior to important meetings with no time to rebut false information. If you want to be respected as journalists, it’s time you step up and get the facts correct before throwing people under the bus. If sensationalism is what your goal was, well that’s all you accomplished.

You owe the men and women who comprise this great organization a big apology!

Michael D. Evaul


Mashpee Permanent Firefighters

Association Local 2519


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Just theTruth

I could not agree with you more. Keep up the great work. God bless all our first responders.

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