One thing for sure about Joe Biden is he lies. Just ask Pennsylvania about fracking, just ask Google:Joe Biden, 1988, just ask the millions of young ladies who now have to compete with biological males in sports, just ask the Keystone XL Pipeline workers, who Joe said “jobs, jobs, jobs.” You can ask the millions of laborers who now have to compete with illegal immigrants, just ask Canada how good a neighbor Joe is, or should we ask Warren Buffet, who owns the railroad that now will be transporting the gas.

Didn’t Joe say he wasn’t for big business? Joe didn’t even wait a week to get us back into Syria. I don’t believe anything he has said about Ukraine, China, or his son Hunter, who looks to be a chip off the old block. Nor should I believe anything that comes out of his mouth, nor should I believe a word out of the Democratic Party about January 6.

Sorry to say the USA is looking more like the CCP.

William T. Swain

Viber Lane

East Falmouth

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Well, a few weeks ago it was Trump-bashing, now it's Joe-smashing. He seems to be singing the Progressive tune more than I thought he would. Sad for us for the most part. Just more divisions.

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