You may recall that last winter Highfield Hall decided to cancel a delightful presentation by local artist Salley Mavor since it might offend Trump supporters. Now, less than 100 yards away, College Light Opera has decided to cancel its planned presentation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Tony award-winning play “Evita,” since it might offend liberal minds and “represents appropriation of marginalized communities.”

Is this serendipitous political balance or a sad retreat from freedom of speech in art?

Both venues are independent private organizations and have every legal right to choose whatever art they wish to present.

Please, let’s not start a back-and-forth on which work of art is “better” or which is “more inappropriate.” That is in the mind of the viewer and is absolutely not the point. Both involve artistic license, and neither claims totally accurate representation of the real world.

Personally I like both works and would like to see more controversial art of this caliber in Falmouth.

Steve Leighton

Oyster Pond Road


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