Donald Trump released his budget for 2020 recently and, surprise(!), no money is allotted for the long-overdue repair and replacement of the Cape Cod Canal bridges.

I would like his Republican supporters on Cape Cod to explain why not, and why that shouldn’t make them very angry with him. Trump campaigned on a promise to fix our decaying infrastructure, remember?

The only significant infrastructure spending he’s been making is his multi-billion-dollar boondoggle on the Texas border, taking land from ranchers by eminent domain and degrading the local environment to build a wall that the people there don’t want and that America doesn’t need.

For a party that espouses “Christian values,” how do you reconcile that with supporting a leader who builds walls to keep people out, by using tax revenues needed for building bridges to bring people together? Trump’s immigration policy at points of entry has been breaking up immigrant families and separating children from their parents, and now his border wall is breaking up communities, separating American citizens from their friends and neighbors.

Here on the Cape we need bridges, not walls, to keep us connected with our off-Cape neighbors.

Richard K. Latimer

Prospect Street


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Have you read the bill?

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