On Monday, January 13, Representative Dylan Fernandes will hold a briefing on the current status of the ROP Act in the Hermann Foundation Meeting Room of the Falmouth Public Library from 6:30 to 8 PM. He, along with representatives from women’s health groups, will discuss their support for this act, which would reform our state’s abortion laws, ensuring that anyone, regardless of age, income, or insurance, can access safe, legal abortion.

In a state known for high-quality health care and near-universal insurance coverage, no person should be forced to leave the state for care, no young people should be forced to have their medical decisions signed off by either a parent or a judge, no medical professional should be forced to deny a patient the best possible care out of fear of criminal liability, and no person should be denied affordable access to abortion because their legal status prevents them from obtaining insurance coverage. Yet these are the realities in Massachusetts.

The ROE Act will improve access to affordable abortion by removing unnecessary and burdensome provisions that delay and deny care.

We invite the public to join us with Representative Fernandes to learn more.

Specifically, this bill would:

• Put the right to abortion in state law;

• Remove mandatory parental consent to abortion which disproportionately impacts low-income teens and teens of color;

• Allow for abortions after 24 weeks in cases of lethal fetal diagnoses, ensuring medical decisions remain between a patient and their doctor;

• Update inflammatory and medically inaccurate definitions of abortion and pregnancy in the law which currently define the “unborn child” as existing from the moment of implantation;

• Remove a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for abortion care. Though currently unenforced, dismantling Roe v Wade could easily bring this law back to life; and

• Establish safety net coverage for abortion care for people who don’t have health insurance.

Penelope Duby,

Cape Cod Women for Change

Blacksmith Shop Road



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