I don’t understand hate, especially what I call blind hate—hate that has some vague, emotional feeling toward those who one doesn’t even know. It’s the kind of hate that is taught or acquired through anecdotes about people, stories of jealousy for what one might perceive as a slight to him or herself, or simply unfounded gossip about a person or persons, especially of a particular group. When someone carries hate, it eats away at that person, perhaps causing him to do something to hurt someone else.

That is what happened this week in Falmouth. Through the defacing of the flag of Israel in front of the Jewish Congregation, someone decided that they hated a group of people and wanted to demonstrate that hate through a random act against an entire group of people, likely strangers to this person. Due to the nature of the act, the perpetrator is trying to send a message, but in a cowardly way. It would certainly be much more productive to confront individuals, discuss differences and try to develop a level of understanding to replace this broad brush of hate.

I am sorry for a hurtful message sent to a wonderful community of people, and I am sorry for the person who felt the need to commit this act. We are all better than this.

Linda A. DeYoung


West Falmouth

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