I would like to respond to George Lilly’s distorted characterization of wind energy in his letter of September 16.

He states, without providing any evidence, that although wind turbines generate energy without adding CO2 to the atmosphere, “there are enormous amounts of CO2 produced” to construct them. In reality, the average commercial wind turbine will account for six grams of CO2 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) compared to up to 900 grams per kWh for fossil fuel energy production. For a wind turbine with a 30-year life, it will become carbon-neutral in six months, retaining 29½ years of carbon-free production.

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Both town owned wind turbines have been determined to be a nuisance by the courts and zoning board.

A notice was issued for the demolition. Its time to end the insanity of placing commercial wind turbines and HVDC, high voltage direct current offshore wind cables in residential neighborhoods.

Copy of recent abutter notification to town turbines: "you are hereby notified that Wind 1, the southeastern of the two turbines, is scheduled to be felled in the week of Monday September 26th and that Wind 2 is scheduled to be felled in the week of Monday October 3rd. Those not involved in turbine demolition must stay off the 154 Blacksmith Shop Road property during the felling"

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