In response to Stella Citrano’s letter, I’d like to clarify my suggestion regarding parking.

I’ll start by saying the changes to Old Silver parking were instituted to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, by reducing the number of people at the beach.

I don’t think the same conditions existed in 1955, 65 years ago. Was slush $5 a cup...I digress.

I was addressing parking: If the private side parking remained unchanged, there would be approximately 86 parking spaces. The public side would be reduced by 43.

I do not believe 86 carloads would create a problem for social distancing on the private side, based on my experience at the beach.

However, if people parking in the public lot were allowed to cross the bridge unrestricted, as they have in prior years, I believe social distancing would not be attainable and some type of policing would be required.

This isn’t a resident /nonresident issue. Many of the people crossing the bridge are residents, and 43 carloads of them have been added with the reduction in parking on the private side.

In addition, the circulation on the private side is a disaster, with people having to back up to retrace their tracks. Three days last week there were no attendants. Not a pretty sight.

For people who frequent Old Silver daily, like I do, while I’m there, that’s all I want to be concerned about.

Harry M. Mack

Old Shore Road


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