Each of us is bombarded day in and day out with vast amounts of important and timely information on the perils of climate change and global warming. Although this information concerned me greatly, it did not compel me to act. That all changed when I watched the film, “Human Element” at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival last March and participated in followup discussions led by groups dedicated to raising climate awareness and promoting grassroots climate action. I wondered how many of us in the Falmouth/Woods Hole community knew about the film, a stunning visual documentary of climate change’s impact on our lives, and if we had groups like those on Martha’s Vineyard.

Since March, I’ve learned some answers to those questions and with help of dedicated local groups and individuals, I’m excited to announce three public showings of “The Human Element” on December 5 at noon at Falmouth Jewish Congregation, December 6 at 7:30 PM at Lillie Auditorium and December 13 at noon at WHOI’s Redfield Auditorium.

I hope that viewers, who are moved like I was, will come together to discuss ways we can organize grassroots efforts to combat the excessive use of fossil fuels and other activities involved in pollution and global warming. Topics for discussion could include driving, flying, home heating, eating habits and implementing new technologies.

I have learned about climate change organizations, both national (Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Union of Concerned Scientists, the Sunrise Movement), and local (350 Cape Cod, the Association to Preserve Cape Cod and the Climate Action Lobby). I have also grown my own community by starting a monthly emailing to subscribers, and you may join at rmgould48@gmail.com. I am doing these activities because I realize that for our planet to survive, each and every one of us must work actively and simplify our lifestyles.

Robert M. Gould

Sippewissett Road


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