This summer, in the midst of a pandemic and on the heels of the murder of George Floyd, Falmouth residents have continued to experience acts of racism and hate in our community.

A sticker was found aptly placed on a meter in front of Steve’s Pizza on Main Street. It was determined to be connected with the white supremacy group Patriot Front. Several residents also found flyers from presumably the same group in their mailboxes. There did not appear to be any connection between the propaganda found in the mailboxes to the residents of those homes.

Similarly, regardless of race or creed, many people have continued to report “Black Lives Matter” signs being stolen from yards, or defaced signs tossed to the side of several residential properties.

It should be noted that the Falmouth Jewish Congregation experienced the defacing of the Israeli flag last October on Yom Kippur. The defacing of the flag included language and numeric phrases relating directly to white supremacy, and more specifically a connection with the belief that Hitler is one to be revered, and the nation must be saved for the future of white children. Sadly, the Megansett Yacht Club experienced graffiti containing similar rhetoric only a few days before the incident at the Jewish congregation.

As members of the Affirmative Action Committee, we are calling for the support of Falmouth residents in an effort to educate one another for the good of our community and seek to dismantle the pervasive racism and ethnism repeatedly observed in our town over the past year.

Meghan Hanawalt

Patricia Oshman


Falmouth Affirmative Action Committee

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