I am grateful for your comments in your “Curious Incident” editorial. As a former call firefighter in North Falmouth and with Boston EMS and now attorney, I have long observed some emergency vehicles displaying lights and/or siren in situations where they are not warranted.

If a patient is secure and stabilized, there is absolutely no need for the use of lights and siren. Equipment of any department in any community should not be “demanding” the right of way unless a bona fide emergency exists.

The same holds true for stop signs and intersections. According to Mass General Laws, Chapter 89, section 7B, emergency vehicles with lights and siren must come to a complete stop when faced with a red light or stop sign before proceeding.

I have not personally witnessed any events in Falmouth that would say our first responders violate this law, and I would hope they don’t. But we all know it happens and the public is at risk when it happens.

Alan H. King

Wild Harbor Road

North Falmouth

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I completely agree. Now on the other end of that would you be ok with responding based upon the call-taker triage, with pre-arrival medical instruction ? Lights & Sirens for Priority 1 Only ?

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