I support Lori Andrade and the Falmouth Educators’ Association. We teach, preach and celebrate No Guff, no Hate, no bullying for a whole week, and supposedly all the time. This was the 20th year the Falmouth schools and community celebrated this important life skill, yet the Falmouth Public Schools administration and Superintendent Lori Duerr have created a very unsettling and distrustful environment.

As a school district and community how can we stand by and continue to watch this happen? How can we move forward in a healthy direction to right the wrongs of the last several months and to make amends?

Again, we teach and preach the Peacebuilders Pledge from when children enter preschool at the age of 3 and 4 through 12th grade when they are 17 and 18. Let me remind you of that pledge: “I am a Peacebuilder. I pledge to: Praise people, Give up put downs, To seek wise people, To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused, to right wrongs, to help others, I will build peace at home, at school, and in my community each day.”

In an unprecedented year where we had to deal with a deadly pandemic, so much change and upheaval, how is it possible to be at such odds where lawyers are needed?

It amazes me over the years how often this is happening in school districts to school teachers, teacher assistants and staff members. It is one of the main reasons we need to have a union. We cannot tolerate the bullying of educators by the Falmouth Public Schools administration or the retaliation against union members for exercising their legal rights.

I am hoping that the attempt to fire Lori Andrade gets resolved and that the respect is given to the Falmouth Educators’ Association and its members’ rights.

Under the current administration, a disregard for educators and their union has led to an unstable work environment as well as time-consuming and costly legal action.

Lori Andrade and the FEA are advocates for public education and community values. Can we find a resolution to this in a peaceful, agreeable manner?

Lori S. Raber

Monhegan Road

East Falmouth

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Call me naive, but I don't think the School Administration would be attempting to fire such a high profile individual without a good reason. Think about it.


Its called retaliation and it's because she's an Andrade. Keep it real Gadfly. #AndradeStrong

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