For a paper that claims it “serves Cape Cod communities” I am shocked and disgusted with your choice to write an article about the death of a man and then have the audacity to place it on the front page of The Falmouth Enterprise. How is this serving our Town of Falmouth?

Daren McDonald, his family and his business have been longtime supporters of our community. They have stepped up to projects in our town without hesitation. Visit the town’s ballfields, ice rink, local events, et cetera, and you will see Clover’s name listed as a sponsor. That is serving our community.

You have missed no opportunity to report on Mr. McDonald’s legal proceedings, always placing it on the front page of your publication. In contrast, you placed a small article by the same reporter on page 10 about Sanches De Jesus, a 20-year-old man who was charged this week with two counts of rape while on a Steamship ferry traveling from Martha’s Vineyard to Falmouth. What was your intent in regards to the placement of these two articles? Why was the tragic death of a local man more front page news than the alleged rape of a young woman?

This article ends by stating that “this story will be updated when more information is available.” What more do you want to add? That his grieving family is shattered? They no longer have their husband, dad, son, brother, uncle? That just one week after celebrating her high school graduation, his daughter no longer has her father to bring her to her freshman year at college, walk her down the aisle, be a grandfather to her children? There is nothing more to add to this story.

I can only hope that I am one of many residents who reach out to you in support of Daren, his family and his business. The McDonald family deserves an apology from you, your staff, and your entire publication. If you truly want to support this community, you can start by doing this.

Alison Lorusso

Blacksmith Shop Road

East Falmouth

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