While driving home, I noticed that even though there were no cars on the arrow going from Davis Straits to Jones Road, the cars going downtown had to wait for the arrow to turn red. At least six cars would have made it through the light and help the horrendous back up each day.

I have a plan for Falmouth: Rent the robot from Stop and Shop. They don’t use it during the summer. The robot would see how many cars are on each lane and change the light so that the maximum amount of cars can make it through the light. Children can wave to the robot and the robot can blink his or her or its eyes back to them. A win-win situation.

If this works, the town can make the dumb lights smart with a robot and save a lot of gas. This can be part of the “Green New Deal.”

Anthony N. Tocci

Plum Hollow Road

East Falmouth

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Marty, the Stop & Shop robot, may not be able to analyze traffic instead of spills, and if it could it may not be able to communicate with the traffic lights.

The traffic lights at Jones Rd & Gifford St and Brick Kiln Rd & Gifford St are 'smart lights' that are supposed to adjust their signals according to traffic. Why the Jones Rd / Worcester Ct & Davis Straits / Teaticket Hwy and the Davisville Rd / Old Meetinghouse Rd & East Falmouth Hwy traffic lights were not also made 'smart lights' when those intersections were recently redesigned and rebuilt suggests that the technology doesn't work well enough yet to justify the cost...

Mr Tocci is correct that investing in the "Green New Deal" should include better technology that will save 'a lot of gas' in many ways. Better traffic lights, increased fuel efficiency, and the development of renewable energy sources to replace oil and coal will also create many better jobs and a cleaner environment while improving our health and saving us money.

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