Hasty Judgment

I read with interest your recent article on the effort by the Gosnold Treatment Center to potentially locate a 100-bed treatment facility in the Falmouth Technology Park off Thomas B. Landers Road. I was very surprised in comments by Representative David Vieira (R-Falmouth) in other publications that he would strongly oppose this possible location, opting for expansion of the current treatment facility near Falmouth Hospital.

I am not a proponent of either option. But I would think an elected representative from our fair town would consider all options, have a full understanding of the pros and cons of locating the treatment center in the technology park versus expanding its current location, listen to constituents on the issue at a public forum, and then make an informed decision based on all the information available. It seems premature for one of our elected officials to “jump the gun” and take such a position before all of the facts and information are made public.

Making statements prior to all relevant facts, data and public comments are known clouds the issue and sends warning signals to others. I heartily suggest our public servants bear this in mind and conduct open and constructive public discussions on this important and sensitive issue.

Kevin M. Brown

Equestrian Lane

East Falmouth

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It's asking for trouble in more ways than one. For years the Falmouth Planning Board urged industrial businesses to locate in the Thomas Landers environ. And they did. Industrial activities being what they are, noisy, dusty and replete with moving vehicles, inevitably, any residential facility would begin to complain about these conditions. And, being the society we are, there would be much sympathy expressed and calls to mitigate the noisy businesses that we originally encouraged. I agree with our state rep-he's just being proactive.

Resident 02540

Industrial districts exist for a reason - to keep industrial activity separate from places where people live and sleep. The Technology Park is zoned light industrial B, and Falmouth bylaws allow NO residential uses in that district. How could it make sense to have 100 vulnerable patients living and sleeping there, when it's not legal to build one house? That's asking for trouble.

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