I went to the supermarket on Friday morning and there were a few shopping carts on the parking lot, not in the corral. In one of the shopping carts there was a black trash bag, clearly full of rubbish. Probably it was from a person that does not have town trash collection. In the morning newspaper there was a letter from a reader who had an unpleasant encounter with someone who threw away a trash bag from the car window onto Route 28. The reader blamed the chamber of commerce for promoting visitors without provision for proper trash disposal. Both cases are disrespectful littering, and there should be a facility for trash disposal paid by the bag or other charge.

Littering is done by different means, and one most common and invasive is cigarette butts. Many businesses have a commercial container that is intended for cigarette butt disposal outside the entrance, but it is not clear what it is for, it is unworkable and usually the cigarette butts end up “innocently” on the ground and on the street.

Through my travel, I have observed how other entities deal with cigarette butt disposal. In my opinion, Juneau, Alaska, has a small, practical box that is attached along the street, convenient to reach with a clear signage on it: “CIGARETTE BUTTS ARE LITTER. CBJ (city board of Juneau) Code 51.05.030. $200 FINE for first offense.” There are no cigarette butts on the street and I did not see anyone being fined.

Can Falmouth do equally as well to keep the streets clean of litter, whether through city board, chamber of commerce or combined effort of any organization? Shouldn’t Falmouth be nice and clean of litter?

Stamen P. Zlatev

Jericho Path


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