America is in a state of moral decay.

We have been inculcated with the goodness of greed, competition and the serving of self.

In Europe, where a variety of “socialist” concepts still exist, there is a greater understanding about and contempt for those who so obviously don’t care about or who chose to denigrate “others.”

It is so very amazing that so many get out in the street across the pond to protest our monster president.

They comprehend his ugliness and still have the basic dignity to pay homage to those less fortunate than themselves.

Americans cannot differentiate between reality television and reality and believe that someone else (rather than we the people) is going to make things better.

So let’s just make a living and watch TV.

We are on the doorstep.

Twitler is in our midst.

Paul B. Rifkin


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Although I disagree and abhor much of what Mr. Rifkin ever says, the "moral decay" in America has little to do with acceptance of the actions of our current President, it has much to do with our culture in general, and the collapse of institutions such as organized religion. Boundaries used to be set, now it seems like there are no boundaries. And, as Mr. Rifkin well knows, only a small percentage of people ever care about issues (whatever they may be) enough to get out onto the Green on Saturdays and hold a sign, or even vote for that matter.

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