Thomas Moakley will be a very effective Massachusetts state senator. He is one of three brothers who all earned the Eagle Scout achievement while I was the committee chairman of Troop 40, which is sponsored by St. Barnabas Church in Falmouth. Thomas earned a degree in science, technology and foreign affairs from Georgetown University. He is currently completing a law degree in the evening program at Suffolk University while working full time for the district attorney.

Thomas served as the student government representative to the Falmouth School Committee for four years while I was a member, rarely missing a meeting. His reports on student activities were always instructive and frequently delivered with a little lighthearted, colorful humor. He served as class president for all four years he was at Falmouth High School. During his junior year, following his service as a page in the US House of Representatives, he rewrote the student government charter to include representatives for each homeroom, so students would be better represented. His exceptional intelligence, hard work, academic achievement and social leadership skills were universally recognized by both teachers and students. Thomas was respected and looked to for leadership by the entire student body during his four years at FHS.

Thomas continues to be a dedicated community member. He stands out as a soft-spoken, articulate and poised leader within every group he has joined. He is respected to the point that he rarely has to raise his voice to assert constructive guidance and leadership. He is democratic in nature. He uses clear reasoning, effective communication, consensus building and wit to help build group commitment to any initiative under consideration. The constituents of groups of which he is a part recognize he strives to help the group function effectively. He does not use his leadership position to exert control, promote his personal status or compete against others. He has risen to leadership positions by being willing to serve, by dedicating his skills, time and energy, and by gaining wide respect.

Thomas’s parents have been active contributors to many community organizations in Falmouth and have often served as leaders within those organizations. His father was a NOAA Corps officer and rose to serve as the division chief of the Marine Fisheries Division in Woods Hole. His mother is treasurer of the Falmouth Theatre Guild and has served on the boards of the Woods Hole Historical Museum and the Falmouth Education Foundation Gala. His maternal grandmother, Carol Kenney, is a local attorney. His maternal grandfather, Ray Kenney, was a past principal of Teaticket Elementary. Leadership models surrounded Thomas as he grew up.

I recommend you vote to elect Thomas Moakley to the office of state senator. He will enhance the quality of life we enjoy in southeastern Massachusetts.

Samuel H. Patterson Jr.


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It seems like young Moakley comes from a nice and accomplished family. His own resume is short on accomplishments, and the audacity of a 24 year old law student, who is not even employed within our district is too much, especially when confronted with the other, qualified candidates with experience in governing and in life. It's a shame he's been put up to this. He received some bad advice.


Short on accomplishments? Falmouth Student Advisory Board Rep, Worked for Jim McGovern and Tim Madden, Georgetown, Suffolk Law, District Attorney's office. Let's judge Thomas based on these experiences and not his age.

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