Years ago eminent domain took my relatives’ houses when they built the Mass Pike extension through Brighton and Allston, and then took other relatives’ houses in the West End of Boston to build housing for the rich. Times have changed and it is time to use eminent domain to take land for affordable housing.

What good is free medical care and college tuition when you don’t have a house to live in?

The Town of Falmouth should take Teaticket Park by eminent domain and build affordable housing on it. Few citizens use Teaticket Park today, though millions will claim to use it when the word “affordable” is used. There are no box turtles or piping plovers or any endangered species there.

Over a hundred apartments can be built there and still have a park there for children with swings, slides and jungle gyms or whatever they call them now. As for traffic, all that is needed is to make Worcester Court and Jones Road side streets instead of highways.

What is better? Looking at open land, or children playing in a park in front of their houses?

We owe every person in this country an affordable place to live in, along with free medical care and tuition. That is the American dream, and it is time we stop denying this dream to the poor.

Anthony N. Tocci

Plum Hollow Road

East Falmouth

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It is great to see open plain land, We are covering everything with concrete, streets homes, then all the pipes and electricity wires and poles,Yeah I say open land, there is not as much in Falmouth that some might think, and whats the definition of affordable, and it will look like a cookie cutter institution, I just get sick, instead of doing something with places that are already there or a place that the existing structure should be torn down, we should look at every option before we take open spaces and put more and more people there and then find out what we have done by more flooding, sewer pipes and the leaking of chemicals in the soil, so many things, it will be like driving the whole distance just like you are driving down mainstreet, more congestion, sorry to say if you cant afford to live there then just lowering the hosing payment dose not lower food, electric, and everything else, you would have to move a bit further away, Then Try and work your way up, it hard, really hard, but while the lowering of just the housing isn't the answer.I just dont know what is, to be honest, but more buildings and buildings is not he answer.

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