Early summer has finally come to Falmouth, and with it has come the usual burst of foliage. Although I can’t see it, I appreciate the shade from hot summer sun, and the pleasures its beauty brings to others. What is hard to take is when property owners allow their bushes, hedges and trees to encroach over the sidewalk. My guide dog is excellently trained, but no guide dog is able to keep a watch for obstructions five feet above their heads, which means I often get an unpleasant surprise of leaves or branches in the face. It’s worse after a rain, when I end up with a shower of drops as my face intersects with a low-hanging clump of leaves. If the overgrowth is low enough, my guide dog might see it and attempt to steer around it, but this usually means we have to walk in the street. The Falmouth DPW isn’t allowed to cut back foliage that is overhanging from private property, so this is my humble request that property owners with adjacent sidewalks do their best to keep the sidewalks clear up to a height of six feet.

Amy S. Bower

Queen Street


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if a home owners tree goes over a neighbors fence the neighbor has the right to cut it, so in this situation not only should the county be able to cut it i wonder also why if it overhanging a sidewalk, which is not their property, the owners of said fouilagge should have to maintain them or get fined, period. plus what a beautiful look this creates. So not Only will This help out People, you get the added benefit ,as a homeowner to create a canopy that will enhance your very own property.

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