Menauhant beachgoers will have a much safer beach situation thanks to some quick work by the DPW this past week. So “short-term fix” now has a box checked off next to it. But let’s not forget that there needs to be a long-term fix, as well. And that must not get mixed up with any other project so that it is stalled and put on an indefinite hold.

The Town of Falmouth needs to bring an article to this November’s Town Meeting to remove the old bridge and the now-exposed foundation, and to restore the dune areas where those structures now protrude. This needs to happen and should have nothing to do with other discussions about groin reversals or widening of Bourne Pond. These are man-made, now dangerous and ugly structures that need to disappear. They were put there by the town and should be able to be removed by the town, to make Menauhant safer and to restore the pristine shoreline.

East Falmouth, Hatchville and Waquoit deserve that and the Town of Falmouth should want that, as well.

Barbara Schneider

Captain, Precinct 4

Mary Ellen Alwardt

Member, East Falmouth Village Association

Dean Lundgren

President, Davisville Civic Association

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Exactly! This beach needs serious work. The town needs to get an estimate to at least remove that ugly and dangerous old bridge and Town Meeting needs to vote it. This beach used to be a great place to swim and relax. It's a tremendous resource for the town, with plenty of parking. Let's get it fixed!!

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