Its not the first time Jim Fox has shown foresight, including a forum he moderated a few years ago to discuss town support for a solar field. But now I want to thank Jim for sharing his insightful analysis of the problem zoning can present to the town’s desire to create more affordable housing and smarter community planning.

Whether nationally or in our local communities, inadequate, unquestioned or outdated rules can end up creating problems rather than solving them. Without review and reform to reflect changing social needs, outmoded laws and regulations encourage “bottom-line” decision-making and bad outcomes.

So thank you Jim Fox, Enterprise columnist Kerrie Marzot and others for looking beyond “the way its always been” to devise meaningful ways to create good, well-designed housing and mixed use where it makes sense. Hopefully the planning board will be forward-thinking planners and support the Cape Cod Commission’s proposal for Davis Straits. Open-minded, creative problem-solving is the necessary wave of the future for Falmouth and for our country as well.

Lillia D. Frantin

Old Main Road

North Falmouth


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