I recently got a good laugh when I read Barry Funfar’s latest diatribe concerning the turbines. He complains, of all things, about the cost to the taxpayer for relocation of the towers. It’s exactly because of him and his other NIMBYs that this situation has arisen.

As I stated in my 2017 letter, it really had nothing to do with shadow-flicker, or infrasound, or whatever other excuse he and others were using at the time. It always was, and still is, about them having to look out of their windows and see the towers. To me, the obvious solution would be to re-purpose them into cell towers. I understand cell service in West Falmouth is spotty, and this will at least solve that and return some of our lost tax revenue that was caused by the NIMBYS.

Joseph T. O’Brien

Thomas Lane


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On January 0f 2017 the Massachusetts court system determined the wind turbines are a nuisance and in addition, the appeals court followed that ruling.

The simple facts brought before the courts show the wind turbine manufacturer informed the town, state and construction crews by email that each turbine generates 110 decibels of noise.

The KEMA Inc study done for the town in 2005 shows that a single 110 decibel wind turbine was too loud near up to 200 residential homes.

GE, General Electric refused to place a smaller wind turbine in 2007 because of ice throw and setbacks to residential homes.

The wind turbine company recommends today a setback of 1640 feet and acoustic engineers suggest as much as 3000 feet for just one wind turbine.

The Cape Cod Commission new wind turbine model bylaws suggest 10 times the rotor diameter or around 3000 feet for one wind turbine.

The bottom line here is there were letters, emails, maps and memos between state, town, construction companies and manufacturer that show the turbines should never have been placed in the first place.

Someone, the town or state need to reimburse all the legal fees of the residents who had to go out and hire attorneys to protect their health and property.

Please keep in mind Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the agency that is supposed to protect the environment which includes the residents around the turbines failed. The MassDEP brokered a federal loan using ARRA stimulus funds to finance Falmouth Wind II which was a loan not a grant as 2009

June Special Town Meeting was led to believe.

Falmouth Town Meeting is going to be asked for more money at November 2019 Town Meeting -- How much more can you spend on this health and finacial fiasco ?


Someone finally speaks the truth.

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