I am a member of the Falmouth Litter Reduction Team. We are a group of Falmouth residents that are concerned about litter in Falmouth. The nip ban scheduled to start in October 2021 will help to reduce some of the litter. During these COVID times, some people have expressed worry about picking up litter. Wearing gloves and a mask and using a pick-up instrument as well as washing hands with soap and water when you get home will decrease greatly any risk of infection from many germs, including COVID-19.

The Keep Massachusetts Beautiful website will send you a t-shirt, litter pick-up instrument, gloves and a bag for a small donation. When I wear my Keep Massachusetts Beautiful t-shirt and gloves on my litter pick-up walks a lot of people thank me for picking up, and that feels good.

I walk my dogs and pick up litter along Main Street and the surrounding neighborhoods. I was delighted to see the new trash barrels along East Main Street. The trash barrels are the pretty kind, like the ones that are between the Village Green and Barbo’s. Thank you to the town officials that placed these much needed trash barrels on East Main Street.

There is one area that really needs one of these trash barrels. On Scranton Avenue across from the laundromat between John’s Liquor Store’s back driveway along the Island Queen parking lot fence to the Windfall Market. Here there are always numerous discarded nips, beer cans, cigarette packs and scratch tickets. It looks like somebody takes care of the shrubs but there is no trash can to put litter in. Maybe the businesses mentioned could sponsor a trash container there.

I hope this letter inspires more people to use the new trash barrels and to pick up litter when they see it.

Margaret E. Sabens

Main Street


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