There are still 20 Democrats running for president. They are running a typical third-world election by promising everyone something free. They started with free Medicare for all and added free tuition. One candidate is offering $1,000 a month and the Democrat with a so-called plan, Liz Warren, will give free child care. Add tuition debt forgiveness and everyone in America will get something free from the Democrats.

My concern is Medicare for all. Medicare covers the elderly and works great for us. We have Medicaid that covers the poor. Add more money from marijuana sales and the casinos, and we could take care of all the poor. Employers cover 49 percent of all Americans. That’s right, 49 percent. For those who forgot we also have Obamacare, which could cover the rest if we worked on it. Doesn’t look like the Democrats want to touch it.

We don’t need free Medicare for all, but we do need to add free mental healthcare for all Americans.

A newspaper has a picture of hundreds waiting in line for up to an hour and a half to buy marijuana in Brookline; there is a new sickness from vaping using marijuana oils; the police report in The Enterprise has a roommate using Narcan to revive her roommate (Narcan and smoke detectors are a must now); there are little nips scattered all over the roads by those who need them to make it through the day. Add those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and what we need in this country is free mental healthcare for all.

What we have now doesn’t work.

Anthony Tocci

Plum Hollow Road

East Falmouth

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Currently Americans pay double what other 'civilized' countries pay for Health Care. Our Health Care doesn't cover everyone, has worse average outcomes, and bankrupts some Americans. The proposals to fund Health Care as we do National Defense are not claims to give "everyone something free". No one says National Defense is free, we just fund it more efficiently (less expensively) by making it mandatory through taxes, than by a patchwork of 'plans' that only some buy and do not cover everyone. These proposals are not 'I will build you a Wall and Mexico will pay for it' scams.

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