One recent writer said, “Our military should stop pursuing endless wars...” Wars are a function of many things, one of which is often failed diplomacy. The military does not send itself to war.

Funding for our military comes from Congress. The military doesn’t generate dollars through taxation or some other means—it is not self-resourcing. Bases and facilities are built and maintained as part of a national strategy. Changing the strategy may well change military infrastructure, or it may not.

While epidemics and climate change may prove to be an existential threat, trust that our advisory treasures his bombs and bullets, it behooves us to have some of our own.

The Army War College’s motto is “To Preserve Peace, Not to Promote War.” It reflects the knowledge that war is horrible, and those who have tasted it find it the most vile of drink.

So discuss the machine gun range in whatever manner you choose and reach whatever decision you want. Just don’t denigrate those who stand watch so you can.

Michael J. Petrucci

Carlisle Road

West Falmouth

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Last paragraph says it all.

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