Let’s face it—No one is happy about the state of the pickleball courts in Falmouth. Not the players, not the neighbors living near the courts, and not the select board. But has anyone come up with a solution to the problem?

There is but one regulation, dedicated pickleball court in the entire town, and the neighbors would like to see that closed down. The existing tennis courts that have been lined for pickleball can only be used if you bring your own net and if it is a “pickleball playday.” Even if the courts are totally unoccupied by tennis players, they cannot be used by pickleball players. Seems that the powers that be would rather have unused courts than have people playing pickleball on them. If the recreation department did a use study of the courts, I believe they would find a larger number of people playing pickleball than playing tennis.

So what can we do to solve this problem? Other surrounding towns (like Mashpee and Sandwich) have shown us the way. Build a dedicated pickleball center with six to eight courts somewhere on town property not near any homes, like the land the town owns near the high school. As far as I know, this is not in the current recreation department’s budget and I don’t understand why not.

I implore both the recreation department and the select board to seriously recommend and fund this project. We have built fields, a dog park, a skate park, a bike path and multiple playgrounds. Why not build a pickleball center and do it now?

Lorraine J. Boles

Journeys End Road

East Falmouth

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