As the daily papers bring an endless stream of news of suffering and incivility, I look forward to Friday’s Enterprise as a source of positive news that helps to restore my sense of hope as well as my appreciation for the town in which we live. Last Friday’s Enterprise was no exception, with stories of a determined young environmental activist, of a police department stepping up to the challenge of overcoming racial bias, of Friends of Bikeways caring for us all by taking the initiative to install more visible signs reminding riders and runners to mask, of acts of kindness on the part of a wronged merchant.

My favorite story, which exemplifies who we are, and who we must continue to strive to be, is about the owners of the Station Grill, John and Marion Mercellino. What could more perfectly model what it is to be American than a business run by a descendant of the first people, the Wampanoag, and a recent immigrant from Jamaica. This is the face of what makes America great and vibrant, its cultural diversity.

How shocking, then, to see the front page photo of the “vendor of Trump items” including “graphic T-shirts” which display xenophobic, homophobic, and racist messages. Such merchandise has no place in a town that prides itself on being No Place for Hate. The conspicuous location of this merchandise trailer in front of the North Falmouth post office is not only offensive but very sad in a town which works hard in so many ways to practice and promote a culture of kindness.

Deborah T. Bradley

Old Main Road

North Falmouth

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