We do not have the proper safety coverage at this time for our community. We were told that the West Falmouth fire station would not be closing by our town officials, and the same was reported in the Falmouth Enterprise. In fact, the West Falmouth fire station was closed Wednesday, July 1.

This is the day the new staffing plan has been put into effect. It is a failure already. The Falmouth Fire Rescue Department has hired new staff, and the town has voted and approved the Proposition 2½ override for more firefighters, but the town officials can’t wait for the new staff to be fully trained and on duty. Instead they are risking the safety of the residents and visitors with their new plan. The plan involves the volunteering of firefighters to man the West Falmouth fire station. Today, for example, the department couldn’t man all of the stations with volunteer overtime, so they closed the West Falmouth station. This leaves two firefighters/EMTs to man from the Bourne line, all along the Hatchville corridor to Sandwich Road and Route 151 to Sippewissett Road in Falmouth. In other words, the entire north and western part of the town has only two firefighters/EMTs to handle all medical and fire calls, including two of the busiest beaches in town.

This is not safe for the firefighters or the people, especially after we have had two fatalities in house fires this past spring and it’s 4th of July weekend. This will keep happening if we do not put public safety first for all residents in every village!

The town officials want to claim the West Falmouth fire station is not closed; it’s just not staffed. This is semantics, and we, the taxpayers, deserve better safety than this. At the very least, the town officials could hold off on this new plan until after the summer months when the town isn’t exploding with visitors and, therefore, response times could be better.

Ann T. Gregorio

Redwing Terrace

North Falmouth

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