There is a new 40B project in the Hatchville section of Falmouth. Of course the neighbors complained.

One of the complaints was that the 12 units can potentially add 80 people to the area. So what. Not every unit will have six to seven people per unit, unless the elderly are having children late in life. Another is light pollution. Every house on my street has the same post lights at the end of the walkway and a porch light. We need them for Halloween. Another worry was that the ranch-style duplex did not fit the Cape Cod lifestyle. Similar to what I saw in Provincetown. They even wanted to have background investigations on tenants to keep out the sexual predators. Sounds like Trump on the illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico.

Instead of fighting for three to four affordable houses in every 40B development, let’s take over Teaticket Park by eminent domain and build 100 of of them.

Poor people aren’t the only ones not wanted on the Cape. Mashpee is fighting Dollar Tree from moving into what was once the Cherrystones Restaurant & Lounge. They feel that Route 151 is Rodeo Drive and Dollar Tree will continue a decline of the neighborhood’s character. They claim the decline started with Dunkin’ Donuts moving into a local doughnut shop. You would think adding coffee makes it a better place. I guess they wanted Starbucks. Lets face it, Mashpee isn’t Beverly Hills and with a vape store, a tattoo parlor and a couple of liquor stores there, Dollar Tree would be a big improvement. I’m not too far from there and having Dollar Tree close by saves me from going to the Dollar Store in Falmouth.

Anthony N. Tocci

Plum Hollow Road

East Falmouth

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