Two Mullen-Hall teachers who have given decades of dedicated service to our district, Priscilla Carignan and Martha Asendorf, are retiring this year. The retirement celebration started out as a plan for pizza on the beach-something Priscilla and Martha had said they wanted. As our retirement committee of two began talking, we thought how nice it would be if we could ask the Sea Crest for use of their space for this special event and bring in our own food to keep the costs within reason. Clark Guinn, the owner, has a reputation around town as generous, community spirited, and invested in our town. Our hope was that we could access their beach on a night when the Sea Crest wasn’t already committed for their packed summer schedule.

On contacting Clark, he immediately set up a meeting time for us to come talk with his staff. When we arrived at the Sea Crest, we were greeted like visiting ambassadors. Three staff members—including Clark—made time to give us a tour, show us menus, and talk about budget. They gave us a Friday night (which we are certain was no easy task for them), and Clark made sure the staff knew to add in extras like a fire pit on the beach. We were overwhelmed. As the process has continued, they have been incredibly responsive and helpful, and have bent over backwards to accommodate our limited budget.

The evening was a grand success and memorable for all. Clark has stated that his goal is to give back some of his good fortune to the community. Considering the generosity, flexibility, and responsiveness that have been shown to Mullen-Hall, mission accomplished. We are very appreciative of Khalid Essobh, Jennifer Keys, Amanda Rosenthal and above all, Clark Guinn, for setting a benchmark of support for our community to which all of us should aspire.

Marysia F. Messer

Goeletta Drive


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