I love the carousel. I also love the Thursday farmers market and craft fair. Falmouth is so fortunate to have a beautiful downtown but also artists, artisans and farmers that make Falmouth a special place to live and visit.

At the street fair I bought the new book illustrated by Karen Rinaldo and written by Denise Ann Terry titled “The Horses Took Flight: A Cape Cod Carousel Story.” (All proceeds go to the carousel). I was thrilled to discover that it was Karen Rinaldo that I bought the book from. Karen and I talked for a few minutes about the carousel needing a permanent home to protect it from the weather and the wear and tear of taking it down and re-constructing it every year.

I mentioned that the farmers market and craft fair need a home, too. My neighbors and I who live on Main Street have often discussed how wonderful it would be to raze the Fay building and construct a unique structure like a Yankee barn to house the carousel. Stalls could be in the barn for the farmers and the craft artists. A structure would allow year-round enjoyment of the carousel, farmers market and craft artists. The Fay property is easy walking distance from the center of Falmouth. There are more and more restaurants and other attractions proposed or starting up near the Fay property. The east end of Main Street Falmouth has a promising future already, and the carousel and farmers market and craft artists would add so much more.

The community of Falmouth has been inspired in the past to accomplish projects like building Falmouth Hospital and saving Highfield Hall and constructing the Shining Sea Bikeway. I hope my letter will stimulate discussion and maybe inspire us to make something special for the carousel and farmers market and craft artists.

Margaret E. Sabens

Main Street


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